Hey, here’s a little about me.

I’m a mission-driven Entrepreneur and Filmmaker, striving to expand collective knowledge and cultural awareness. I founded BridgeMirror to achieve this goal.

My Journey: Fusion of Skills

My journey started with a passion for storytelling and a strong academic foundation in Communication & Media studies, plus a double major in Film Studies. This laid the foundation for my unique filmmaking approach.

Notable Achievements

My recent documentary films earned accolades, including the Audience Choice Award in Thunder Bay [2018], headline feature and Q&A in Los Angeles [2018], and the Best Indigenous Film title in Cannes, France [2023].

Vision: Expanding Collective Consciousness

BridgeMirror is all about broadening horizons and fostering understanding. We believe every story can ignite conversations and create positive change, amplifying collective consciousness.

Beyond Work: Fun Facts

When not immersed in filmmaking and entrepreneurship, I enjoy singing in my car, hiking, and staying active. I’m also a dedicated reader of nonfiction, constantly seeking knowledge.

Join Me on This Journey

After years of dedication and growth, I’m thrilled to introduce BridgeMirror Pictures. Our mission is to create strategic films that can be a transformative force for society, people, and brands.

I’d love for you to join me on this mission.

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